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Tailored to your needs, Dr. Julie’s popular presentations include:

Get Up, Get Going, Get Started on Your Dreams: Ignite the Self-Starter in YOU!

• CEOs and HR People, Take Note: Hire Self-Starters for Amazing Results

• Success Secrets: How to Get to the Top of Your Game

• Management is Dead: Turn Your Employees into Self-Starters

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What others are saying:

"I truly appreciate your words and I am very happy to know that you enjoyed our conference! You are an amazing speaker- your message inspired me to begin a re-discovery of the self-starter within myself. Thank you for being the most sophisticated, yet down-to-earth speaker I have had the pleasure of hosting."
- Kristin Melson, University of Southern California

"You are a light in a dark place! You are exactly what I needed today. ...I have been given a complete do-over in my life and I want to make the most out of it. ...I realized today that you and what you "preach" are a part of it also. Exactly the inspiration, and courage, I needed."
- Rhonda Gardiner, Intellectual Ventures 

"... What a great presentation. Everyone gave you their rapt attention and was very appreciative of your polished presentation skills; and, even more so, of the pertinent content you provided. Thank you!"
- Lee Williams, Rotary Club of Northshore 

"All the best and thanks for your presentation--members got some great value from your talk." 
- Rene Fritz, CEO Forum