Self-Starter Success Assessment

Who are Self-Starters?

Self-Starters are people who get things done. They're master achievers who fulfill on audacious visions. They're creative, bold, powerful, and passionate. Self-Starters see needs and fill them. They don't wait for permission and they don't need supervision.

Self-Starters utilize nine unique success secrets

Dr. Julie Miller has interviewed hundreds of bona fide Self-Starters, from everyday folks who are Self-Starters to notables such as Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup of the Soul, Pat Haden, former Los Angeles Rams Quarterback and the Undersecretary of Defense for Wounded Warriors, John Campbell.

What emerged from these interviews? Nine attributes--Success Secrets--bubbled up consistently during the interviews. She discovered that Self-Starters reliably utilize one or more of these Success Secrets to rocket themselves to success. Discover how these distinct and powerful Success Secrets can unlock your life as a Self-Starter.

Where do YOU stand relative to YOUR unique Self-Starter-ness?

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