Secrets of Self-Starters

48 Amazing Self-Starters Share How One Key Trait Rocketed Them to the Top of Their Game

Learn from the wisdom of real people who discovered which trait and attitude―their Success Attribute―propelled them forward.

Read about the self-starter working in the academic world who is well on her way to curing Alzheimer’s, and the intrapreneur who rose to the top of her company by taking risks, and all the entrepreneurs who didn’t let poverty or multiple setbacks or an inability to speak English stand in their way.

Most of these 48 self-starters were not born with a silver spoon, so how did they get from there . . . to here? To achieving standout success in their chosen fields?

The secrets lie in the nine key traits common to many self-starters. Where do you excel? Which traits resonate with you? How can you get from where you are now . . . to the amazing place you want to be?

Be the master of your journey. The only thing separating these successful self-starters from everyone else is that they took action. They got up, got going and got started—with incredible results. You can too.

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What others are saying:
“She’s done it again. Dr. Julie Miller has hit another home run! Secrets of Self-Starters combines inspiration with practical advice from role models par excellence. The result is an exceptional guide to accomplishing and living well.”
―Dr. Lynda Falkenstein, aka “The Niche Doctor”

“Thank you, Dr. Julie, for making this a MUST read to move our lives forward!”
―Pam & Rochelle, Chat With Women Radio Show, 1150 AM KKNW, Seattle

“One of the toughest challenges sales managers face is motivating their sales people. This is a fantastic resource to help them move from a static state to becoming a self-starting sales machine. The energy jumps off the page. Buy it! Read it! Live it!”
―Lee B. Salz, Sales Management Strategist and Award-winning Author,

“The first step to becoming a self-starter? Read this book!”
―Ken Kirkpatrick, President, Washington State, U.S. Bank

"What I love so much about Secrets of Self-Starters is that these are ordinary men and women who have found in themselves a passion and a drive to create something extraordinary--to change their lives and the lives of others. It is inspiring, heart-warming, and shows that you have the power to make of your own life what you choose!"
―Rebecca A. Lyman, Principal, Garrigan Lyman

"After reading this book, you will see leadership differently. Leaders are all self-starters."
-- Mike Margolies, Sport Psychology Consultant

"Dr. Julie Miller has done it again! Her book hits the mark on what's often missing in corporate American--more self-starters!"
-- Sonja Price, MA, ACC, Dynamo Leaders Dynamo Teams

"Smart business owners and managers will find this a must-read. These compelling stories give you insight into what makes self-starters tick."
-- Marilyn Schoeman

"Corporate America listen up! More self-starters mean better bottom lines."
-- Randall Broad

"Success really is a verb! Read this book and learn from self-starters who used their "traititudes" to succeed."
-- Barry Wilmeth

"The road to success is paved with self-starters. Get your fire going through reading about the nine traits that will ignite the self-starter in YOU!"
-- Al Foxx

"If you are at a crossroads in your life--read this book! It will inspire you to self-start!"
-- H.C. (Joe) Raymond

"Create your own future! Read this book and discover the nine traits of a self-starter!"
-- Bonnie Robinson, Executive Director, North Region EMS & Trauma Care Council, Washington State

"In Secrets of Self-Starters, Dr. Julie Miller features 48 men and women of all backgrounds, all ages, all ethnicities, education and in all kinds of industries. Some have impacted their communities, others have changed the lives of people around the globe. They will inspire and motivate you."
-- Dr. Shirin Sherkat, Founder of Create Happy Kids

"... I found the book very interesting. I especially like the chapter on "Creativity." Another element I enjoyed was reading the individuals' KeyFacts and going back and rereading their stories from that perspective. Nice touch."
-- Lou Colwell

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Dr. Julie Miller
Dr. Julie Miller uses her enthusiastic passion, along with her extensive skills and experience, to motivate and support business professionals just like you. Her life purpose is to inspire others to reach their potential so they may enjoy peace, prosperity and happiness.

PS: This is not Dr. Miller's first book. Business Writing That Counts! is now in its fifth edition.