About Dr. Julie

About Dr. Julie

The old adage “It takes one to know one” certainly holds true, as author Dr. Julie Miller is, herself, the epitome of a self-starter. Having met many during her travels as a speaker and consultant to numerous Fortune 500 companies, she can spot a self-starter from a mile away.

This isn’t surprising, since her credentials reflect both a strong academic background—including a doctorate degree in leadership studies—and real life, practical experience gained while training and consulting with more than 750,000 business professionals.

As Julie studied a variety of successful self-starters, she noticed that most of them possessed such classic characteristics as perseverance or creativity or a passion for a specific vision of their future. But what if there was more to it than that? What set those individuals apart? To find the answer, she interviewed hundreds of self-starters. She dug deeper and discovered it’s actually a combination of traits and attitudes, or Success Secrets, that—when combined with other factors―were what skyrocketed these individuals to the top of their game.

“The main difference is these people got up, got going and got on with it,” Julie explained. “They took action. They figured it out, and when they couldn’t do even that much, they still took one small step in what felt like the right direction at the time—and often was.”

But how they move forward is as unique to each person as a fingerprint. Their own blend and balance of Success Secrets that capitalize on their skills and minimize their weaknesses. Self-starters aren’t perfect people, they just know who they are and what they want. And they keep moving, going and
getting . . . until they arrive.

Dr. Miller serves on the board of governors of the University of Southern California, is an advisor for Junior League of Seattle and Women Business Owners, and is a member of the Bellevue Rotary.

She was awarded the 2008 Women Business Owners (WBO) Excellence Award, the Helen Thayer Woman of the Year Award in 2002, and has been voted Volunteer of the Year twice for her work with the YMCA. Recently, she was appointed as a Trustee for Cascadia Community College by Washington state's Governor Christine Gregoire.

Dr. Julie lives in Seattle, Washington, with her family, although she regularly travels across the country or internationally to deliver keynote speeches or give workshop sessions.

You may contact her at Julie@DrJulieMiller.com or SelfStarter@DrJulieMiller.com