July 26, 2011

Jack Canfield: Vision

Jack Canfield, (Author, Chicken Soup for the South; The Canfield Training Group) 

Traititude: Vision

"My vision sustained me."

What visions have sustained you? What steps did you take to achieve your vision? What are your future visions?

July 19, 2011

During the summer, I am going to run a series of quotes from the self-starters in my book, Secrets of Self-Starters, along with a question for you to ponder. So here goes:

Traititude: Vision: Susan Camerer (Founder of Vision House, shelter for homeless women and children)
"Seeing the vision of how you can accomplish something is what makes that something possible."

Think of a dream you have that you won't let go of. Think of a dream you've had, but had to let go. What is the difference between those dreams?