March 11, 2011

Every Self-Starter's Dream: Making French Cheese in Nepal?

Francois Driard, a Parisian, presently lives in Nepal where he's setting his small community on fire with his gorgeous French cheeses. Crowned, "The Cheese King of Katmandu," his story is interesting. After graduating from business school in France, he found he disliked working in an office. So he chose to return to Nepal to live, a place he had visited on summer vacations since he was 18.

An idea bloomed as he observed that more and more Western products were coming to the grocery stores. He decided that he had all the requisite items needed: a farmhouse, cows, and grazing land--to make cheese. But how to do that when you have no training? Answer: Return to France and start asking questions of cheese makers! And thus began his cheese making in Nepal. To read more of Mark Magnier's article in the Los Angeles Times, click here.

His self-starter traititude is perseverance.

My purpose is to create a community of self-starters willing to share their stories. Won't you join me?

March 7, 2011

Reinventing Yourself for the New Normal

I can't believe we're into the third month of 2011. Every business professional I have spoken to, whether he/she works within an organization or owns a business, is reexamining all aspects of the business. From the technology employed, to the market sectors penetrated, to the integration of social media. Everyone is looking at his or her businesses from a different perspective. This also applies to job seekers--whose talents and skills--I call them traititudes--are being scrutinized.

I was very moved by the article written by Claudia Rowe, titled "Work in Progress" in Pacific Northwest magazine last November. She addresses how everyone's career and its value in the marketplace is changing; that reinvention is the new normal.

Like any profession, we are defined by it. To not have our talents, skill sets, and experience honored or even needed is a blow to one's confidence, purpose, psyche. I would suggest, and I'm not being flip, to go deep inside and pull out those God-given talents and combine them with a positive attitude and go for it.

Look at the list of traititudes at the top of this blog and see which ones might need to be resurfaced for review or fine-tuning.

My purpose is to create a community of self-starters willing to share their stories. Won't you join me?

How have you reinvented yourself or your business? Share your story.

March 3, 2011

Is There a Formula for a Self-Starter?

I recently gave a speech to a group of women business owners on the topic of self-starters. Someone from the audience called out, was there a formula for self-starters? Before I could answer, she did! She was certain she knew that formula. "Sure," she said, "it's first-born children who are extroverted with a high intuition score."

I beg to differ! Not only in my interviews with 100 self-starters or in my doctoral studies on leaders did I find the perfect formula. I asked the audience member to check out the back of my book, Secrets of Self-Starters, and view the grid. There she will find that orphans, only children, last borns and everything in between make self-starters. 

I will say that I do believe the nine traititudes listed at the top of this blog give you a leg up towards reaching your goals, living the life you want.

My purpose is to create a community of self-starters willing to share their stories. Won't you join me?

What do you think? What self-starters do you know? Let's continue the conversation.

Self-Starters--Nancy Aossey Wins BIG Award!

I am tickled pink. One of my self-starters, Nancy Aossey, just won a very prestigious award. Her traititude is perseverance. That traititude speaks volumes. Her personal story is amazing. Read about it in Secrets of Self-Starters.

March 1, 2011

"Why It's Smart to Be Optimistic!"

That is the title of a short article in Reader's Digest, December issue. Written by Merly Davids Landau, the article speaks about the importance of optimism. I call this "traititude" positive thinking. One of the pervasive traits profiled in my book, Secrets of Self-Starters.

Landau talks about the health benefits of being optimistic. I will tell you, that positive thinking drives business forward and toward you. Negative thinking does not get you the results you are after.

Now, I'm not talking polly-anna type thinking, I'm talking about looking at life, your situation, with a half-full glass! I'm talking about, and other have spoken about this as well, the attitude of gratitude. It works! Try it!

My purpose is to create a community of self-starters willing to share their stories. Won't you join me?

How have you turned a negative situation around? Share your story with us.