November 30, 2010

Kung Fu Panda: A Self-Starter!

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend how many of you watched the Disney movie, Kung Fu Panda? It is an adorable movie and really a study in perserverance and vision--both Self-Starter traititudes!

Briefly, it's the story of a panda who dreamt of becoming a Kung Fu master. He studied all the moves, all the leaders in the field, all the requisite rituals, and icons. Then he is thrown--quite literally--into the role. He's fat, out of shape, naive but, as Po says, "I will never give up! Po has it all." And he succeeds because he has a vision of what he wants to achieve and the determination not to quit, no matter how tough it gets.

What about you? What movie stars are examples of Self-Starter traititudes? Would love to read your thoughts.

November 26, 2010

Lessons Learned in Graduate School

This past week I had the privilege of lecturing on campus at the University of Southern California. I spoke to graduate business students who are in the entrepreneurial track about the traititudes (my coined term for a blend of attitude and traits), of a self-starter. Their questions were thought-provoking, humble, and serious.

These students are facing an untenable future--careers that they thought were available are no longer, an extremely competitive job market, and fear as to what lies ahead.

It should give us all pause: Questions such as:
  • Am I on the right track?
  • How do I know this path is right for me? How do you handle failure?
  • What drives you forward? How do I sort out what my loved ones, and friends think I should pursue what makes my toes curl?
  • When is linear thinking best and where does creating thinking work?
Do any of these resonate with you?

Expanding Your Comfort Zone

As you go about your networking, building your base of contacts to secure a job, a client, or a contract, I think Jeffrey Sapp's advice--one of my self-starters--is well-given. He believes it's not about getting out of your comfort zone, it's about EXPANDING your comfort zone, thus allowing more ideas, more people, more things to fall into it. Isn't that a great image? Think about that comfort zone as you move forward.

Where have you been forced to expand your comfort zone? Again, we would all love to learn from each other, feel free to share. 

November 23, 2010

Reinvention is Key in Today's Economic Reality

A long article in Pacific Northwest Magazine by Claudia Rowe hit a chord. Her focus was on reinventing yourself as a way of dealing with this crummy economy. Ms. Rowe wrote about those who have built their careers on their strengths; trained all their lives to get where they are, only to see the rug pulled out from under them. And left bereft, anguishing over the loss of their identity, career and livelihood. 

I really believe I am on the right path--helping folks look at their current "traititudes" (my coined term for a blend of attitude and traits), access ones that need honing and push that self-starter button, thus reinventing themselves.

Are you reinventing yourself? Please share your stories so we can all learn.

Self-Starters in the Military

As I sat in the lounge of KASA-TV studios (Albuquerque, NM) waiting for my interview on my new book, Secrets of Self-Starters, I read with great interest an article in USA Today (November 11, 2010) titled, "Wounded Vets Trade Boots for Business Suits." What was so fascinating was how these former warriors became self-starters.

They took their "traititudes" (my coined term for a blend of attitude and traits) and applied them to their new careers. For example, one soldier described, "When you take a hill...some days by inches," you can transfer that perseverance to building a business.

Another told about how she felt her life had purpose when she was in the military. She was able to transfer that belief and become inspired about starting her own business. 

What are you thinking about in terms of reviewing your strengths?

November 17, 2010

The Self-Starter Panel

Here I am with the self-starter panel. I spoke to the USC's Marshall Alumni Assn of Orange County and Marshall Partners. It was standing room only! What a blast. How fun to meet some of my self-starters in person for the first time!

Rob Ukropina, Quy "Q" Nguyen, Dr. Julie, Wing Lam, Jared Greenberg (L-R)

November 12, 2010

New Mexico Style TV Interview

I had a blast being interviewed on a Fox News affliate in Albuquerque, New Mexico this week. The new show will start up on November 29, titled New Mexico Style. They were most interested in learning about my fabulous self-starters and how to turn on the self-starter button.

Here are two photos for the interview. The top one is me with the camera operator, Brian. The one on the right is with the producer, Mary Ann Hachitt and the host, Nikki Stanzione.

November 9, 2010

Here's to the 99'ers!

Don’t give up hope. You have all the traititudes (attitudes and traits) inside you to be successful. You just need to access them. You know how to persevere—obviously, look what you’ve been through thus far. You know how to be creative—obviously, you’ve used creativity to problem-solve your current situation. You know how to be positive—now I know that’s a hard one, as it’s easy to get down. But you need to surround yourself with positive people that will cheer you on!

Read the stories of those who have come before you and be inspired.

November 7, 2010

How Do You Put Together a Life?

How do you put together a life that builds on your dreams? I believe if you combine your God-given traits with the right attitude— I call them traititudes—you will be on your way. Traititudes will lead you to what you want. You will control your destiny.

My book, Secrets of Self-Starters will give you those key pieces to your success. Read the wisdom of those who have done it. They offer you their brilliance.

November 3, 2010

Self-Starters Pam and Rochelle

Rochelle Alhadeff and Pam Gray are two feisty ladies with a talk show (KKNW 1150 AM, King County, WA) that is gaining tremendous momentum. These two women are definitely self-starters.

I mention them not just because they had me on their show recently (blush!) but because they have the same philosophy I have—celebrate self-starters no matter where they work or what they do. Self-starters are those who go for it no matter what; those that take a risk and jump off cliffs growing wings as they soar; those that take the next step towards their dreams.

Ignite the self-starter in YOU and get going! Listen to the interview if you wish. A hint: Find the play button on the page--there's an MP3 logo there as well.

November 1, 2010

Self-Starters Practice Positive Thinking

One of the wonderful parts of having interviewed these amazing self-starters is I can be in their orbit! I’m only a very small particle but it’s still fun to watch their success soar. Check out Ilona Europa—her traititude is positive thinking. Her recognition warms my heart. She was recently featured in a Major Music Magazine.