October 12, 2009

How Do YOU Define A Self-Starter?

Definition: self-start·er (s lf stär t r) n. 1. See starter. 2. One who displays an unusual amount of initiative. self-start ing adj. self-starter. Noun. 1. an electric motor used to start ...

Welcome to my first posting! I am asking you to contribute your definition/description/list of attributes that you believe characterizes a self-starter.

How is a self-starter different than an entrepreneur?

October 10, 2009

Welcome to my Self-Starter Blog!

You might be asking yourself, why self-starter? I would like to share my self-starter story, and encourage you to pursue your dream and maximize your potential. I am an author, speaker and business writing expert whose goal has been and continues to be inspiring people.

For the past 30 years, I have taught over 600,000 professionals how to write for a specified audience, utilize concision and ultimately how to be business appropriate through written communication.

Throughout my blog, I will introduce key attributes of self-starters, defining ways you can embark upon a path toward achieving your goals! Learning these characteristics will make your life more exciting, fulfilling, and lucrative!

My passion for people is the root of this blog—I believe you have an infinite potential!

Ignite your dream and watch your reality launch into
what you have always wanted!